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Arena Animation Aligarh - Centre Point offers B.Voc Degree Courses and Certificate courses in Animation, Vfx Film Making, Game Design & Development, Graphic Design accredited by MESC. Admission is merit-based with direct admission for eligible candidates. Apply online on the official website.

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Arena Animation at Aligarh-Centre Point has been a pioneer in the field of Animation, Gaming, and VFX training for over 25 years. The institute offers industry-focused courses in various creative fields such as Film Making, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and more. With experienced faculty members who provide personalized attention to students, Arena Animation Aligarh ensures top-notch placements in these rapidly growing industries.

Known for its quality training services in Animation, Gaming, VFX, Web Designing, Graphics Designing, and Digital Marketing, Arena Animation Aligarh-Centre Point is a well-established institution that has become a Center of Excellence in education. It attracts students not only from Aligarh but also from neighboring cities like Agra, Kasganj, and Mathura due to its reputation for excellence.

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A learning institution is more than just a place for academic instruction. It serves as a crucial space where students’ minds are shaped, their personalities developed, and the groundwork laid for their future professional and personal selves. Therefore, educational institutions bear a significant responsibility towards their students by ensuring they have access to top-tier educators, administrators, and support staff who create an ideal environment for nurturing growth and development.
At Arena Animation Aligarh – Centre Point, we are committed to our responsibility and have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who serve as exemplary role models, mentors, and educators for our students.


Every Arena Animation student has their own unique story to tell. They win awards, travel the world, working with famous studios across the globe.

Arena Animation enables students to reach their career goals and open up various avenues for them to achieve their highest creative potential.

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